About Us

Austrian Wine Culture in Costa Rica

Exporting the culture of Austrian wine enjoyment and the pleasures associated with it to another country, this is our concern.
Pleasure, joy, conviviality. This is how wine tastes!

Our Philosophy

We Really Love Wine

We have been involved with wine for decades. We enjoy it and love it. We live it.
We see ourselves as ambassadors of pleasure in other areas. We offer what relaxes others and what they enjoy. It doesn’t have to be more than that…

How vinoYmas Came to Be

Our Origin Story

It was an idea that matured with stays in beautiful Costa Rica and enjoying wine in Austria. After we, Helmut and Jürgen, considered and revised dozens of concepts, we came to a common denominator: vinoYmas brings high-quality wines to Costa Rica.
We supply resellers, run a small bar in Tilaran and go to the most beautiful beaches on the Pacific and the Caribbean with our red tipi tent. Everywhere Ticos and tourists will enjoy our products and realize: This is how wine tastes!!!

Jürgen (vinoYmas), Stefan (Vineyard Lassl) and Helmut (vinoYmas) in Burgenland. Pleasure with the idea and concept of offering delicious Austrian wine in Costa Rica.

Why Work With Us

Only the Best Wines

We offer only quality wines from the heart of Austria – from Burgenland. Selected red and white wines from exclusively one winemaker.

We Love What We Do

What we do, we do with conviction. And we do it for the most important thing of all – for our customers.

We Don't Just Promise, We Deliver!

What we promise we keep. After the preparation of individual offers we will deliver as agreed – directly to you – without delivery costs.



Actually always a traveler, but in America, especially in Costa Rica, Helmut has found a kind of home. And he takes the best of his original homeland with him. Austrian wine and the sense of pleasure.
Helmut knows Costa Rica, especially Guanacaste, very well and is looking forward to meeting you and making you an offer. German, English and Spanish are spoken.




Also a world traveler, but Costa Rica would be to settle down. Jürgen from Austria will make sure that the wine arrives at its destination safe and sound and well organized.
And when the work in Austria is done, he will surely come back to Costa Rica. For kitesurfing – preferably at Lake Arenal near Tilaran. Or just to drink a glass of wine at the Pacific Ocean.

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